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Star Club is lucky to benefit from the generosity of several long-term sponsors.

Ceetak is the Club’s principal sponsor and a driving force behind the renewal of our fleet.

"Ceetak is the leading UK provider of sealing solutions, capabilities including design and development, working with our world class manufacturing facilities. Our application and project engineers provide dedicated technical and engineering support, and our vast product range ensures we can provide a reliable sealing solution for any customer application. Key industries include Automotive, Oil and Gas, Life Sciences, Aerospace and Industrial.

Additionally, Ceetak design and manufacture heat sealing technology primarily used within the packaging industry. Our wide range of heat sealing products are suitable for cutting and sealing all thermoplastic materials, and can be adapted to suit any type of packaging production line".

The Poynter Charitable Trust was set up on the strength of a bequest by the Club’s first captain, Ted Poynter, in 1988.  It has been from inception the main driving force behind the funding of our full time Community Rowing Programme, with donations of over £400,000 and contributing, therefore, to the success of our Junior Squad and schools’ programme over many years. Currently the Poynter Trust helps to fund our full time Director of Rowing directly assisting both our Senior and Junior rowing programmes.

Gale Family Trust

The Gale Family Trust is a Bedford based charity and provides support to our Junior Squad.