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Club Management



Ally Satchwill

Spokesperson and representative of the Club on business and community matters. Responsible for effective and compliant operation of Star Club through the Management Board in close liaison with the broader membership. Ensures an annual operating plan and budget is devised and delivered in the context of an agreed strategy.



Niamh McBride

Spokesperson and representative of the Club on rowing matters. Ensures rowers’ safety through assurance that all are correctly and comprehensibly briefed about the Club’s rules and requirements. Builds on rowing performance and encourages the ambitions and aims of all members in a harmonious environment. Responsible for maintaining and  replacement of club equipment.


Welfare & Safeguarding

Chris Clifford Myers

Ensures that the Club complies with legislation, adheres to good practice and adopts British Rowing’s guidelines with regard to all aspects of welfare and safeguarding for all members.


Junior Liason

Marie Handscombe & Chrissy Boggis

Responsible for ensuring that relevant issues from the Management Board are communicated to the Junior Squad. Responsible for ensuring that important issues arising in the Junior Squad are brought to the Management Board.




Oversees Star Club’s governance and compliance with the Club’s Constitution. Facilitates effective organization of meetings and ensures the management, control and archiving of Club documentation.

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Ian Donald

Plans and stages Star Club regattas and head races and ensures submission of post-event returns to British Rowing, working with an extensive support team and voluntary effort on the day from all Club members. Organises the social programme, hire of facilities, and management of the bar in close collaboration with the cafe franchise.



David Sogan

Manage internal and external communications for the club. Send out regular emails to members, design and update the website, post regular updates on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



David Dixon

Ensures that the Club operates in a “risk-aware” fashion to protect members, the public and Club assets.​ Creates and maintains a risk register, regularly reviewing risks and the controls and policies implemented to manage these risks.

Liaises with British Rowing and other relevant bodies (e.g. BB Council) on all safety matters, including Covid guidance.


Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Marie Handscombe

Ensures that the MB adheres to its principles and ambition for the Club to be more inclusive and broaden its community reach and decide what the Club can realistically offer through new outreach initiatives.



Rachel Graham

Manages the day to day aspects of Membership Administration, currently using the BR ClubHub system.  Ensures the rules relating to membership are understood and enforced, and that regular reporting to an agreed format takes place.



George French

Oversees maintenance, servicing and refurbishment of the premises. Responsible for security, heating and ventilation systems. Documents procedures and compliance with them (including Health and Safety). Maintains a register of key holders and oversees emergency call-out rota.


Club Treasurer

Nicky Durrant

Responsible for the financial management of the club and works with other members of the management board to ensure Star utilises its financial resources to maximise the benefits to members and the wider community.

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