Women’s Squad


Make way for the women!  We’re going strong and we want you!

The women’s squad has gone from strength to strength in the past three years and we’re looking to build on recent successes. We’ve established ourselves as one of the strongest women’s squads within the region by consistently winning local heads and regattas, and have started to make waves on a national level too.

Our 2019/20 season has started strong, with successes on the Tideway: a very close 2nd in band 2 Women’s double at Pairs Head; and two quads competing in Band 2 at Fours Head finishing 9th and 15th in that category. We are looking to build on this success as we head into the second phase of training and look towards our big race of the head season, WEHORR. We’ll kickstart our regatta season with an Easter Camp to Banyoles, as we start to train in our final phase, ready for the big regattas such as Wallingford, Met and the peak of our season Women’s Henley.

The squad accommodates both sweep and scull athletes and we have access to a range of boats. We are fortunate to be supported by three fantastic volunteer coaches, who have taken the time to write a training programme and to lead coached sessions every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. We train as one squad, moving away from the previous tiered system; we understand the pressures of a full time job (or study) and so have kept our training programme flexible to accommodate those who commute or live outside of Bedford. Our fixed training sessions as a squad are Thursday and Saturday and Sunday mornings – the rest of the week is to suit you, whether that’s in your local gym, your gym at work or Star Club.

We welcome athletes with a range of aspirations and goals, whether that’s winning your first event along the Bedford stretch or qualifying for Women’s Henley! We’re a fun group of girls who love rowing and enjoy spending time together. Whether you’re new to the Bedford area and looking to make some friends or coming back after working or studying away, we would love to hear from you! Star Club is a fantastic inclusive club where all are welcome – if this sounds like something you’re interested in, check out our Instagram page @starclubwomen to see how much fun we have!

Want to join our Women’s squad? Email our captain, Ellie Bennewith, using the address below:


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