Masters’ Squads

Over the past few years, Masters rowing has mushroomed and Star Club has been at the forefront of that development. Anyone aged 27 or over can row at Masters level, with crews competing in categories determined by the average age of the crew.

Star Club boasts thriving Masters Men’s and Masters Women’s squads, both of which currently consist mainly of over 40s competing at all levels. Both squads have a wide spectrum of members, ranging from those who have been rowing all their lives to those who have come back to rowing after a long gap, as well as those who have taken up rowing for the first time later on in life.

The Master’s Men’s and Masters Women’s squads welcome new members who are already competent rowers with a strong desire to compete successfully.

The Masters squads are also always in need of coxes and are happy to train aspiring coxes.

Our Masters squads encourage their members to train hard, reach their full potential and win races, whatever their age. The Masters Men typically train six days a week. The Masters Women expect to train up to four water sessions per week, with one ergo session and one gym session. Both squads enjoy the support of excellent coaches. Members train and compete at both sweep oar and sculling, according to personal preference.