Junior Squad

Star Club is a highly successful and major centre for junior rowing in the Eastern Region. Membership numbers around 50 ranging from 13 – 18 years. Star Club Juniors have consistently won medals at national competitions and record about 100 wins at open competition over all age groups each year. Performance winners, improvers and other … Continue reading Junior Squad

Women’s Squad

Make way for the women!  We’re going strong and we want you! The women’s squad has gone from strength to strength in the past three years and we’re looking to build on recent successes. We’ve established ourselves as one of the strongest women’s squads within the region by consistently winning local heads and regattas, and … Continue reading Women’s Squad

Men’s Squad

Star Club welcomes experienced and competitive oarsmen and scullers. The Club’s policy of placing high quality coaching at the centre of all rowing activities makes it especially attractive to athletes who want to compete to the best of their ability. If you wish to be considered for all classes of rowing or sculling up to … Continue reading Men’s Squad

Masters Women

Welcome to the new look Star Women’s Masters squad! 2018/2019 saw Star women’s masters competing at local, national and international events too with some fantastic results.  But, complacency is not a word used in this squad and training has begun in earnest for 2019/20. Now, the squad is growing in depth and numbers, drawing women … Continue reading Masters Women

Masters’ Squads

Over the past few years, Masters rowing has mushroomed and Star Club has been at the forefront of that development. Anyone aged 27 or over can row at Masters level, with crews competing in categories determined by the average age of the crew. Star Club boasts thriving Masters Men’s and Masters Women’s squads, both of … Continue reading Masters’ Squads

Recreational Squad

The Recreational Squad at Star Club is a group of rowers who wish to row for enjoyment as well as improving their technique and skill set. The squad rows twice a week on Sunday mornings and Tuesday evenings with each session lasting about 90 minutes. We row in a variety of boats including eights, quads … Continue reading Recreational Squad