Water Safety

The Club fully supports and implements the British Rowing RowSafe Guide. But, the club has also issued its own water-safety guidance which all members must adhere to. Members and squad leaders should download and familiarise themselves with the document linked below.

The Management Board, with advice from the Club Water Safety Advisor, will take all possible steps to ensure the club remains compliant with the RowSafe Guide. The current Advisor is Bob Clark.

Members’ responsibilities

Members have a responsibility for their own safety and a duty of care for those that they train with and are encouraged to use the guidance contained within this document as a basis for their safety practices.

It is the responsibility of members to read the RowSafe Guide. Copies of the British Rowing RowSafe Guide can be found via the British Rowing website. A hard copy is also available at the Club.

Every member is required to assist the Management Board in making continuous improvement to the Club’s safety practices through the adoption and exercising of these safety guidelines.
Everyone involved with the Club has a duty of care to ensure their actions both on and off the water are conducted in a manner that does not compromise the safety of others. Adult members also have a personal responsibility for their own safety.

A full copy of the safety guidelines can be found in the members handbook. 

Important Emergency numbers

  • Fire, Police and Ambulance: 999
  • Fire, Police & Ambulance from mobile: 112
  • Bedford Hospital A & E: 01234 355122
  • Bedfordshire Police: 01234 841212
  • Star Club:  01234 212070
  • Environment Agency: 0800 807060

Water levels