Juniors at Star Head

Star Head November 2016.

With reports of 70kph winds and rain to hit the course throughout the day, Star Head was predicted to be a turbulent time for all. However the Star Club juniors managed to battle through the less than perfect weather and left the event with 9 wins in total.

They included:
•Abbie Ngwang – WJ15.1x
•Willow Tucker – WJ14.1x
•Jack Gowing – J18.1x
•Harry Malloy, Edward White, Olli Sharp, Jack Gowing – J18.4x
•Markus Tilds, Jack Murphy – Nov.2x
•Harry Ashby, Ed Tame – J16.2x
•Joe Rubens – J17.1x
•Jack Murphy – J16.1x
•Jack Gowing, Harry Malloy – J18.2x

A special mention must go to Jack Gowing and Jack Murphy, who each achieved multiple wins, showing incredible endurance throughout the day.

And an even more special mention must go to Markus Tilds, who decided to go swimming mid-race and achieved the impossibly fast time of 0:00. However he more than redeemed himself in his double with Jack Murphy, winning the event.

I, myself, had an eventful day. After a sudden strike of illness, mine, Erin’s, Eda’s and Emily’s quad were unable to race, and I found myself in a spontaneous double with Charlotte Tugulu. We rowed well in tough conditions and managed to achieve a faster time than we’d hoped.

Then it was time for my single. By this time, a relatively strong tailwind was making its way down the river. This was a hindrance for some but a virtue for others. I felt like I’d had a good row and the results reflected that as I rowed my fasted time yet, beating my previous by more than forty seconds. I finished the event in amazing yet slight frustrating second place.

Overall it was a successful day for every competing member of the junior squad. All exhibited great skill and the results showed that.

Catherine Upex

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