St Neots Head 2017 Juniors

  1. St Neots Head 2017

St Neots was a lovely event, only 40 minutes away from Star Club in Bedford. The venue was packed with various small boat crews from the surrounding area giving it a friendly atmosphere. The day consisted of 7 division of which I raced in 2. I competed in 2 categories, J17 & J18 single skulls. The course was meandering at the beginning, it was sheltered by the trees and therefore the wind had little effect.

Towards the middle section of the race the river began to open up inviting a larger breeze which had no detrimental impact on the racing. Towards the end of the course a long curve bought the race to an end where we waited on the finish line for the division to end and then returned to St. Neots boat club. All in all the racing was tough and served as a good challenge. Thanks to the coaches for giving up their weekend to give us some extra competition experience and to St. Neots Rowing Club for hosting.

Ed Tame

St Neots Small Boat Head saw Star Club win the Victor Ludlum trophy by being the visiting club with the most wins. In total the club had 7 wins with six of them being juniors wins!





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