Peterborough Summer – Masters Men Race Report

Star Masters men entered boats in eleven events over the two days, scoring wins in five of them!

On Saturday the in the C/D 8+ event the Star boat stroked by Colin Hunt scored a win rowing as Masters D. This was a good achievement in a straight race as the crew were unable to compete at their age category of Masters E.

In Masters D/E 4+ Star came first and third with the boat stroked by Andy Crook winning. This was another win in a string of wins for this crew over the season.

The third win of the day was in the Masters D 2x. This crew consisted of Rachael Armstrong and David Sogan. Although rowing in a men’s event they scored another convincing win.

In Masters D 4x and E 4x both crews finished second. The D crew (Armstrong) to the very fast boat from St Ives and the E crew (Thomson) to Norwich.

In Masters C4+ the Star crew stroked by Andy Chillingsworth came third in a race won by Worcester.


On Sunday five crews competed in the 500 meter sprint.

The Masters C/D 8+ with Andy Crook stroking scored a good win.

In Masters C/D 4+ Star entered two boats, finishing first and second. Michael Mitchell was in the winning boat and also in the winning C/D eight. A great bonus for him as this was his stag weekend and with his future wife Kat coxing!

In Masters D 2x, again two Star crews competed with a win for the Lisa Boggis double over the Clive Thomson double.

The Masters D/E 4x was won as usual by the fast St Ives crew with the George French quad finishing fourth.

Last but not least the Masters E 2x stroked by Ian Staniforth came a close third in their heat just missing the final.

All in all a very successful weekend for the Star Masters Men, which included a couple of Star Masters Women in the two winning crews

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