Juniors at Head of the Trent

Head of the Trent 2018

Nottingham Head of Trent:

With the boy’s squad out of action due to injury, it was up to the girl’s quad to bring home a meaningful result from Nottingham Head. The 5.7km course, as well as windy conditions and the cold, racing against other experienced and established boats, was to be the biggest challenge that the relatively newly-formed crew had faced yet. However all four girls, though nervous, boated with high spirits, determined to keep moral up.

In the end the girls had a race to be proud of. Millie Wardley at stroke, maintained a lively rhythm throughout, spurring the crew on with a series of boosting calls. Despite some difficulty, Catherine Upex at bow, negotiated the bends of the course, ensuring the boat took the fastest route down. Abi Nwang and Hannah Hawkins, the middle pair, displayed excellent endurance, perfectly living up to their role as the “engine” of the boat. All four girls rowed a consistent race and powered through the course, all agreeing at the end that 5.7km isn’t that far after all!

The quad ended up in third, behind Warrington and Nottingham and were pleased to beat rivals Bedford Modern School by three seconds – a small but satisfying victory.

Catherine Upex.

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