Junior Easter Camp 2017 Review – My Last Camp

Junior Easter Camp 2017 Review – My Last Camp by Emily Eagles

My Easter Camp History

Since joining Star Club at 13 years old i’ve been lucky enough to go on an Easter training camp every year and now coming up to my fifth camp, it’s quite saddening to think it will be my final one.

My first year was a season where there was such an abundance of juniors that two camps were run, one to Wimbleball in Devon for those of us in the younger groups and one for the older groups to Banyoles, Spain. Much to our original disappointment at not being chosen to go to the Spanish olympic lake we soon settled into four days of training that, in hindsight, were no where near as difficult as we thought at the time. Now, with only two of us left who went on a camp that year, we can guarantee we’ve seen harder days!

My second year however would be the start of my Spain experience- and how exciting it was! Even though I was one of the youngest, being surrounded by older friends who had been before meant that we were well informed of what was to come and comfortable that we would be well looked after. On the first day we went straight to the lake in our coach-driven car to get used to our water-home for the next week (despite Coach David getting a little lost on the way), and went out for the yearly ‘sightseeing paddle’. As the coaches say, the first session is the one to take in the views, then it’s time to knuckle down. From then on it was all hard work, in the boats and school work off the water, but all worthwhile to notice the improvements to everyone’s rowing by the end of the week.

My third and fourth camps were very similar to my first year in Spain, but I was faced with the dooming pressures of GCSE’s and then AS exams. However, while it was always tempting to slip off and have a nap, there was always time to fit in revision around training- especially as everyone around you is in the same boat (pardon the pun!). This year I expect no different, with my final A-level exams approaching, there is much work to be done. However I am certainly looking forward to being back in the Spain house; our home there for the last 4 years now; and hope to make just as many improvements as I have in my years previous .

As I near my fifth and final camp I am looking forward to a week of sun but hard work, as the feeling of achievement by the end is always worth it. From being the youngest to the oldest, I know my crew mates and I have loved every minute of each camp so far and will enjoy this year just as much. So, we approach Easter camp this year with just as much excitement as we did all those years ago, even if we will be saying our last goodbyes.


Photo’s 2013 Wimbleball

Photo’s 2014  Banyoles


Photo’s 2015 Banyoles



Photo’s 2016 Banyoles



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