Easter Camp Banyoles Day 6

Easter Camp Banyoles Day 6

“Are we still going out today? Yes, that’s the kind of people we are … legends.”

The day started with the whole girls squad contemplating the possibility of the first session. The girls headed out equipped with many thermals, preparing for the torrential rain predicted by the ‘accurate’ IPhone. Upon arrival at the desolate lake, we split into three quads to conquer the hectic cross wind that awaited us. We all began paddling but it soon became evident that the conditions were unbearable, with the quads snaking between lanes during the first 2K. After 6K it was obvious that the outing had to be cancelled, so we left with our saturated kit.

After that chaotic first session the conditions improved significantly. We split into a quad and three singles – tackling a couple of rate change pieces. The sun began to shine, and the session was a success, with many of the girls eager to do another length when given the choice.

Once all of the training had finished for the day, everyone joined together and sung happy birthday to David. As a present for his 50th, David was given an oar signed by the whole junior squad alongside many jokes throughout the day in regard to ageing.

Finally, the annual gilet and the spanner awards were presented. This year’s honours were awarded to Willow and Harry for their superb efforts and excellent motivation to improve. Both recipients were truly deserving of the gilets. Hannah was given the spanner for her rooky-rowing error of putting her blade in the gate backwards, a mistake discovered approximately 30 seconds into the paddle when our quad was struggling to row, even with the hard conditions. Gabby was also awarded spanner of the day for (very skilfully) managing to collapse the shelf in the wardrobe, despite her efforts to avoid the spanner all week.



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