Easter Camp Banyoles Day 5

Easter Camp Banyoles Day 5

Today the girls woke up for a 7:15 breakfast and the conditions were good the lake was nearly flat. In our first session we were in two mixed quads and a single. Our session consisted of 250-meter rate change pieces. Overall, we done about 16 kilometres in our first session. After first session we went back to the house and done revision, relaxed and ate lunch.

At 2:30 we lest for our second session of the day and the conditions had deteriorated from first session and it had become very windy on the lake. We got send out in a quad and a double, and we were battling the waves and wind trying to paddle up and down the lake. Even considering the terrible weather conditions, the double (Millie and Lucy) they were determined to stay out on the water with the quad even after being asked if they would like to come in. because of their determination they both won athlete of the day. After the session we returned to the house to relax for the rest of the night.

Leah Rands

The boys woke up at 6am so we could get on the lake before the weather got bad. When we arrived, the conditions were basically perfect, which was wonderful as we were tasked with two 1.5km races, which was fun.

Then we came back to the house and had lunch which was wonderful as normal. Then were able to enjoy a short break before we went back down to the lake. When got to the lake we when into our quads. After struggling with our timing we decided to change our position in the boat. This intern lead to our timing to drastically improve and everything to just feel better.
Joe Stacy

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