Easter Camp Banyoles Day 4

Easter Camp Banyoles Day 4

Day 4 of camp and we are well into training. This morning the girls got up for the early session with the conditions on the water being perfect. With this the girls trained hard, while trying to focus on good technique. After a hard morning session we decided to take a well earn trip to the supermarket.

With the girls all stocking up on snacks and drinks we went back to the house to relax and do some work. As always the lunch was amazing, especially with Bettina’s bread. With our stomachs full we went out for our second session. With the wind picking up a little, the girls still kept strong and had a great water session.

Overall, the day has been great with the girls persevering through any objects that get in there way.

Well done girls !!

Hannah Hawkins

With the boys having a lie in today, they were fresh and ready to go for the first session. The sun was out and we set off beside the Spanish national team. The water was relatively flat and we finished our technical session in good time and headed back to the house, where we stretched and dipped in the pool to cool off. The second session consisted of choppy water and powerful cross winds over the lake. After the session, we all headed to the local supermarket to stock up on some healthy snacks. Baked potatoes and chilli finished our day nicely and now an early night.

Ed Tame


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