Easter Camp Banyoles Day 3

Easter Camp Banyoles Day 3

Today, Sunday, was perhaps the most challenging day for a variety of reasons for the male athletes, with the fatigue of the past two days settling in and a 6:00 am start on a brisk lake showing in one-word answers and grunts over the breakfast table. Nonetheless, the three quads battled for position in a 12km UT1 paddle, with the Junior Sculling Regatta Quad making its first outing and the J16 quad improving progressively from the day before. The conditions, although damp, were idyllic, a breeze, flat water and empty lanes allowed a focussed and precise working environment for the crews to develop their technique and cohesiveness as a squad and  then the skies opened and  everything got wet.

Such was the extent of the rain that even Bettina’s bread couldn’t warm the insides of the sodden boys, who, after drying from first session and enjoying a fulfilling lunch, pervaded the storm and completed timed pieces in singles and doubles, before finally retiring to the changing rooms with saturated clothes and shaking hands. We were very happy to have showers.

David’s quiz impressed all and bought together multi-generational teams such as the victors ‘you’re a quizzard Harry’, ‘Yikes’, which starred 8-year-old daughter of our resident ‘wizard’ Wini, Mia and ‘the ever hopefuls’, who’s collective age was probably more than the rest of the room combined…
Spanner(s) of the day went to Abi, Carly and Millie for locking themselves out of their toilet, and an equally worthy runner up was Jack Murphy, for when the rest of the boys squads found a communal changing room to use, he managed to find the children’s facility and proceeded to dry off whilst surrounded by school children.

Athlete-of-the-day’s-honorary-Banyoles-limited-edition Pencil Case went to Dominic Ngwang for persevering with the squaring and feathering action of his thumbs and fore fingers for the last two days before finally cracking the action today in his quad session, before continuing to do so in his double despite the miserable conditions.Optimistic for what tomorrow brings and heavily looking forward to a lie in tomorrow morning.

Harry Ashby

Today commenced with a later start for the girls, which we can all agree was a relief! Unfortunately, we woke up to downpour of rain, so we had to prepare ourselves for the cold and wet conditions by putting on multiple layers.

Due to a few injuries some of the girls were unable to attend the session but fortunately we had enough girls to make up a quad with: Emily Eagles, Erin Osgood, Millie Wardley and Willow Tucker. Which then left Catherine Upex, Gabby Tarrant, Lucy Holmes and Leah Rands out in singles. We managed to do 12K at steady state which allowed the girls to improve on their technique combined with their power. However, by the end of the session we were all soaking wet, so we hurried inside to get changed into some warmer kit!
Sadly, the weather did not improve for the second session so after the coaches assessed the weather conditions they decided it was best not to go out on the water. Luckily Wini arranged a stretching session for the girls which was very calming compared to the harsh conditions outside!

Tonight, was quiz night with our host: David Osgood. There were definitely some mistakes made on his behalf which was confirmed from all of the athletes when he claimed there were 8 grandchildren of Kris Jenner… when in actual fact there are 7. Clearly David needs to brush up on his Kardashian knowledge!

Overall a good day.
Lucy Holmes

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