Easter Camp Banyoles Day 2

Easter Camp Day 2
This morning we received a well-earned lay in, as we were training second session. We had breakfast, stretched and warmed up and headed for the lake.
Once me had arrived at the club we sorted out who was with whom and which boat and soon later boated and started out session. Most of us were in small boats apart from one quad. During the session the small boys did 2x 10mins and the quad did 3x. It was a productive session but also very tiring!
Later, we had a delicious lunch and then went out for our second session of the day.

All that were in small boats first session were in quads and the quad in the first session went out in small boats. Roughly 30 seconds after pushing off the landing stage, Ed.T attempted an Australian accent and itclear was not a good idea as he swiftly capsized soon after!

We then arrived back at the Villa and showered and sat down to recover from the exhausting day.
Sam Gale

Today, the girls woke up for the early session, arriving at the lake at about 7:10am. It was quite a crisp morning, however it eventually warmed up with near perfect conditions on the lake, with all the girls going out in small boats. We were particularly focusing on technique and not rushing up the slide, to try and perfect this we rowed with feet out which was quite daunting as with one small wobble it felt like we were going to fall in! Overall a great start to the day for the girls.

In the second session we all geared up for what we thought would be another windy and slightly cold session like the day before, but when we got down to the lake the conditions were perfect, and the sun was shining. The girls went out in two matched quads working on some fast pieces. The first quad did 12km with 3 2km pieces with rate changes, the technique of the girls really improved allowing the quad to increase in pace though the hard work pieces. The second quad set out ready to do the same, however due to injury they had to come back in and go into singles and by the end of the session only Willow remained in a single with strong sculling.

Today the athlete of the day went to two people, in second place, Willow Tucker due to her fantastic sculling technique when she was the only one remaining on the lake. I came first due to my improvements in technique that was noted by both coaches and athletes. Also, the spanner of the day went to Ed Tame who managed to fall in the lake next to the landing stage on possibly one of the calmest days on the lake.

Gabriella Tarrant

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