Easter Camp Banyoles Day 1

Day One Easter Camp 2018

Banyoles Day 1:

First day of training, and the boys squad rose before the sun to a grim misty morning. We piled into the minibuses and headed of for our first session. When we arrived, we were unable to see the lake through a dense fog. We rigged our boats while we realised that the fog wasn’t clearing anytime soon…

We rigged the rest of the boats and waited for the fog to clear, going out with the girls second session. Now the conditions were perfect, with flat water and clear skies and we had a great introduction to the week. It was a session everyone was pleased with.

After, we headed home and fed ourselves before heading back to a very different session. the short break the wind had built back up to make the lake seem more like the roaring ocean. Our small boat session had to be cut short due to the rough conditions, forcing Toby to capsize on video: to the amusement of the squad.

Overall a good start to training, leaving much to improve on through the week.

Oscar Bennewith

Still tired from a day of travelling, the girls squad fortunately had the later morning session of the day. After waiting for the fog to clear, we enjoyed a session in small boats. All of us made positive improvements and made targets for us to focus on for the duration of camp. The session ended with everyone in high spirits, ready for the week ahead.

We did not enjoy the same calm conditions in the second session like we did in the first. The wind had picked up, leaving choppy water in its wake. We went out in three quads, Steve Colliver jumping in to make up the numbers. The aim was to do bursts but sadly the conditions got the better of us and after 4k we returned, soaked, to the landing stage. However, despite being very cold, all of us remained smiling throughout, happy to be in Spain.

The athlete of the day went to Ed Tame for displaying excellent skills in a single in the windy conditions.

The spanner went to David Osgood, for being too busy making calls to keep his balance on the launch. He narrowly missed a bath in the lake!

Catherine Upex


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