Coronavirus: Getting through this together

Following Tuesday evening’s Management Board MEETING, restrictions on rowing and club access are being implemented with immediate effect

Star’s Management Board met yesterday evening with a focus on discussing the Club’s response to Coronavirus and how we can best respond, to be sure that there is a strong future for Star Club and its members, on and off the water. David Gowing, Rowing Safety Officer, joined us in an advisory capacity.

Official advice is that we are in a phase of containment and should cut social interaction, taking measures quickly to mitigate a significant growth in infection which will cause impossible pressure on our critical care services. The goal is to “flatten the curve”, delay and extend the peak of demand to give those who need that care a fighting chance of receiving it. And we all have a responsibility to play our part in this containment strategy.

With this in mind, the Board has taken the following decisions and these measures will come into effect immediately:

·  The gym, ergo room and changing rooms will be taken out of service and must not be used by anyone;

·  Owners of private singles racked at Star Club may take their boats out;

·  Club singles may be taken out by experienced single scullers, who are signed up to iCrew and may only be used when booked through iCrew;

To be clear, no boat type other than singles may be taken out.

·  Anyone boating must arrive changed and go home to shower and change. In the event of a capsize, you can use the changing rooms as an exception;

·  The Learn to Row programme, Monday night circuits and all squad training will be suspended for the time being. We’d like to acknowledge and thank all who have put so much effort into these important aspects of our training and development. Please note that circuits will recommence on Monday 7th September, after their usual summer recess.

We are in discussion with Charlie to agree the most appropriate course of action for Fay’s at Star and will be back in touch on this shortly.

These are difficult times and things are moving very quickly. It is quite possible that our decisions will need to adapt and change over the coming days and weeks and we’ll communicate those changes as they occur.

Please maintain your membership – be there for Star and for Fay’s throughout the closure and when “ordinary life” returns, as it surely will.  This may take some time, but the test of a community like ours is how loyal and united we can be in the bad times, as well as the good.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact a member of the Management Board: e-mail addresses for individual members can be found at

This message will go out as a news item on the Club’s website, on our Facebook page and via Twitter and we’ll continue to send personal e-mails to those of you on our mailing list. Be sure to sign up to as many of those channels as you can.

Most importantly, stay safe and help our community to get through this together.

David, Andy, Andrew, Chris, Dom, Lisa, Liz, Nicky, Trina

Star Club Management Board

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