Coach Notes – Women at St Neots

Saturday morning at found the Star senior girls prepping the quad for another battle on a river near you, this time the field of battle was St Neots and the challenge was to be Vesta BC, with the crew focused they made there way to the start and I waited nervously for battle to commence. Vesta were first to apper with the Star girls hot on there stern, Rebbeca Thompson steared a perfect bend to keep them in touch with Jo Perryman making the calls and with Ingrid and Sasha Holder backing her up the quad continued the pressure Vesta all the way to the line unfortunately loosing by two and a half lengths, on a positive note they recorded yet another faster time over a thousand meters improving on there time from Peterborough regatta.

On Sunday it was the turn of Ingrid and Jo to fly the flag in the double, this was the first race outing for this pair, with a gap in the rain boat and crew pushed off and made there way to the start there opposition being Northampton RC, off the start the girls were holding there own but Northampton took the rate up and started to pull away Star responded to put the pressure back on again, again Northampton had to take the rate up further and crossed the line first with the girls loosing by a length and a half, after the race the Northampton crew commented that ” that was a hard race and Star pushed us all the way”, an outstanding effort from the less experienced Star girls.

Although the squad did not pick up any silver wear, there performances have seen continued improvements in both squad, individual and crew cohesion. Both the quad and double this weekend have been a credit to Star.

Next target for the Senior Girls will be Peterborough Regatta, lets hope the girls can repeat there last performance at Peterborough bring home some more silver wear.

– Ian Donald, Senior Womens Coach


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