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Closed until further notice

“Star Club is a community with a big heart and it’s in our nature to pull together and fight harder when the challenges are greatest”.

Taking british rowing’s advice and that of the government, the club will be closed for the foreseeable future.

we’d like to seek your help to establish a hardship fund to ensure that, when we open again, everyone who wants to has a chance to return to the sport they love.

read on for further details ….

Club Closure

Sadly, the time has come to close the Club completely. We have received advice from British Rowing that this is the safest thing to do in the light of most recent expert advice and the doors will all be locked tomorrow morning, Saturday 21st March, 2020.

Fundraising for Tibbs Dementia Foundation raises £220

A silver lining and something to celebrate – yesterday evening’s take away beer effort (carefully managed to respect social distancing requirements) raised £220! Tibbs’ Chief Executive, Sarah Russell asked us to pass on the following message:

Thank you so much for using this as an opportunity to raise funds for Tibbs. I really do appreciate your support and commitment to continuing to support us, even though times are incredibly difficult for everyone at the moment.

Your support will mean such a lot to our service users, so important that people with dementia continue to feel valued and supported at this time.

At Tibbs we’ll be taking a massive financial hit during this crisis, but we remain committed to supporting all our service users. We’ll be phoning all our regular service users every week, that’s about 300 couples and we’ll be sending out extra editions of our newsletter, emailing and posting resources and using social media, you tube etc. These will be challenging times for our service users, our team and our charity, but we’re all committed to staying positive supporting each other and staying positive and creative in our thinking. 

Your support really is such a positive booster at the moment and I am truly grateful that you’re thinking of us and being so proactive.

Call for Contributions to Star Club’s Hardship Fund

This is and will continue to be a very challenging time financially for everyone. At the beginning of the year, we announced that Star Club intended to launch a Hardship Fund and now seems like an appropriate time to get this off the ground. If you feel able to donate, at whatever level, please contact David Rainbow, our Chairman and Acting Treasurer via Contributions will be set aside for the sole purpose of supporting members who are prevented from enjoying the sport they love due to financial difficulty. We will spend the next few weeks establishing how to govern the fund to best effect and will publish details as soon as we can. It goes without saying that applications for support will be treated in absolute confidence.

Star Club is a community with a big heart and it’s in our nature to pull together and fight harder when the challenges are greatest.

 David, Dom, Andy, Andrew, Lisa, Liz, Nicky, Trina

Star Club Management Board

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