Jr British Champs 2017

British Championships 2017

Today Willow and I competed in the junior British national championships in Nottingham.

It started out very stressfully for myself as on my way to Nottingham my dad and I were stuck in a traffic jam caused by a crash on the motor way for an hour and a half ,I didn’t believe at this point I was going to compete today because I would off missed my boating time, but we got there 45 minutes before my boating time luckily.

When we finally got to Nottingham Willow and I got warmed up and then started to put our blades out then cheacked our boats ready for boating. When we were boating we got put into groups of four depending on our race numbers, in our group of four we went around the course in these groups and raced against them in the 500m sprint and aginst one person for the slalom course.

Out of the two of us Willow and her group set of first. The first station was hands off at the catch were we had to remove one hand at a time while our blades were squared in the water and we had to repeat this twice on each hand. The second station we had to do standing rigga dips which was made harder as the lake was very wavy and it was also very windy, we had to do as many standing rigga dips as we could in 30 seconds. The third station was spinning the boat 360 degrees as fast as possible. At the next station we had to complete three good role ups in 60 seconds which was dicided by the umpire. The last skills station was sequencing where we had to develop our sequencing from the catch by nudging and gradually working into a full stroke.

After sequencing we paddled up to the top of the lake where we attached to the state boats and got ready to do our 500m race which was hard to stay in our lanes as the wind was really strong at this time and was pushing me into the bank. After the 500m race we lined up until we got called to get ready for our slalom race where we had to weave between bouys and when u finished the slalom a buzzer would go off and you would have to do an emergency stop as quickly as possible then the course was completed.

Finally I would like to thank Sharon and John for making the trip down to Nottingham with the boat so that was possible for me and willow to compete today.
By Leah Rands

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