Boat Naming Ceremony

Sunday, 16th October

Sheets of rain enveloped the Clubhouse as the time for the boat naming approached and then, a pocket of sun appeared in the clouds and grew quickly to provide a sun drenched hard on which to display our new boats, all draped at the bows to hide the identity of those that have worked tirelessly for the Club.

All can now be revealed, with the boats named by George and Jo French, Mike Edwards, Brian Foster, Simon White and Ian Donald.

Each of them operate under the radar to ensure that the Club’s needs are met.  They are unsung heroes, like many others, without whom the Club might not survive and certainly wouldn’t thrive.

A great crowd applauded their efforts and enjoyed a sumptuous buffet prepared as always by our fantastic volunteer kitchen staff. Once again our thanks to Ceetak for making the purchase of these boats possible.

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