Bedford Fours & Eights Febuary 2017:

Star Club Juniors Fours & Eights

Sunday the 12th of February, the day of Bedford Fours and Eights Head, was not the sort of morning that made you excited to jump out of bed. Yet somehow, on one of the coldest mornings this February, the junior squad managed to pull itself down to the boat house for what turned out to be a fantastic day of racing.

The day’s junior racing was started off by a rather jubilant J18 boy’s quad in Division One. The source of this excitement was the knowledge that we were racing under our kind sponsors at Woodfines Solicitors and with this came the opportunity for a prolonged spell of “wood-have-been-fine” puns all the way from receiving our T-shirts in the warm up to putting the boat on the water and almost to the marshals GO! The ensuing race was more a battle against the weather than the opposition culminating in a result the crew was happy with.

​Many other junior crews stepped up to face the progressively worsening weather conditions during the day. These crews included: the J16 boy’s quad; a wJ15 coxed quad and a second combination J18 quad, each performing admirably. Special mention must be given to the second boat kindly sponsored by Woodfines Solicitors, the wJ16 coxless quad. The girls had a really enjoyable race despite the difficult conditions.

Even though the usual crop of pots wasn’t collected from the head it was a very beneficial and positive indicator for later in the season due to some very high end competitors that attended. The times posted gave a good comparison to show the progress each squad is making.

Jack Gowing

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