Banyoles Camp 2017 Day One

Day one update and photos  Thursday 6th April 2017

We rose early in the morning, ready for our long journey. After saying our goodbyes went left to luton airport parkway by coach, groggily excited for the prospect of week in Spain. By five we had reached the airport and by seven we were in the air, despite the fearful protests of some. Looking out onto the landscapes behind us, in awe of both the white peaks of the Pyrenees and Barcelona’s sprawling cityscape.

Upon arrival, the first of days problems came with the loss of my luggage, resulting in some delays and my panic. We continued on without it, heading to the lake in a convoy of mini-busses – arriving by one o’clock. We had lunch, and moved on to the house to deliver our luggage. We then prepared for the first session.

Now at the lake, we rigged our boats and were briefed for an “easy session” of getting used to the way of the lake. The weather quickly turned and showed us that brutal winds are part of what Banyoles rowing is about. The once simple session now became a battle against raging waves and gale force winds, forcing us to bail out boats to prevents the looming feeling of sinking.

Once back on stabler shores, we tied down our boats and went back to relax at the house. Eating dinner and talking about the rules among other things before discussing more pressing matters – The spanner of the day. Our award to the most stupid act of the day. Nominees included Markus, myself and the current spanner, the jester hat wearing Richard – for having to ask if Spain was in Europe.  

Currently we are resting, waiting for the real training to begin tomorrow.

Oscar Bennewith

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