Banyoles Camp 2017 Day Two

Banyoles Camp 2017 Day Two Friday 7th April 2017

Compared to the warm night we woke up to a cold morning but it didn’t bother us as we opened our window to an amazing sunrise view before our early morning session. After breakfast our squad gathered in the mini bus and made our journey to the lake. at the lake we split up into a girls coxed quad and the three boys were in singles. The lake water was much calmer today so it made it easier for us to train. Fortunately it was still early in the morning so there was a breeze and it was cool so it was good conditions to train in. In our training session we done three one kilometres. After our first session we meet on the bus and drove back to the villa.

When we arrived at the villa the development group got changed and cooled down in the pool before lunch. After our nice lunch we got ready for our second session and made our way down to the lake. At the lake the group split up into four doubles consisting of Leah/Sam, Willow/eva, Tom/Joe and Charlotte/Georgia. the second session was very warm but luckily the water in the lake was still calm. After our good second session we gathered back on the mini bus and trailed back to the villa to shower and rest before dinner.

Later tonight we are going to watch a movie and rest so we are ready for tomorrows tiring sessions.

Leah Rands and Willow Tucker.



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