Banyoles Camp 2017 Day Three

Banyoles Camp 2017 Day Three Saturday 8th April 2017

A warm morning started what amounted to be a very warm day for the Boys Squad. An early start with a new staggered breakfast meant there was room to sit down for a change, then the boys all headed out to the lake promptly at 7:45.

We had to start sharpish as half of the lake was being closed at 9:30 for a kayaking event. This meant we wasted no time at all getting into our power water work session in the advanced boys four. We’ve only been rowing sweep-oar since last Saturday so this was the first bit of real work we’ve done on one oar. Needless to say, this was a bit of a shock to the system, since we’ve all been sculling for the last 4 years, so all of a sudden we were working with previously unused muscles. Thankfully no injuries as of yet in the four, although we’re all being very careful with sore shoulders and a whole new world of blisters.

The four is coming along very well, in the last week we’ve done about 70km of sweep, which is exactly 66km more than I’ve done in a sweep boat since J14. I reckon in about 2 or 3 weeks we could be ready to win Henley, maybe even winning Tokyo 2020. Easy.

Overall the squad’s mood is high, with everyone feeling tired but still jovial. Even after 28km of hard work, we still managed to orchestrate the rescue of a frisbee stuck on the roof, don’t worry though mum, no one climbed out any windows or anything dangerous; water jets and pool nets are surprisingly effective!

At the moment we’re just waiting to see what sumptuous feast Simon and Bettina have prepared for us tonight, fingers crossed for Simon’s paella, although anything involving meat and carbs will hit the spot after today.

This has been Joe Rubens, see you all when we’re home!

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