Banyoles Camp 2017 Day Six

Banyoles Camp 2017 Day Six 11th April 2017

To celebrate David’s birthday ,all the advanced girls screamed Happy Birthday at the top of their lungs upon arrival .First of all we did a 4K warmup  before beginning our race piece from a standing start ,from this we built up to three strokes then  six , nine  etc. We did 14 starts in total and very quickly became exhausted .Then to finish of the session did pausing at different parts of the stroke after about five strokes to work on our balance as a crew .

After our wonderful first session , we were informed that we were doing four 500m pieces ,to make it more interesting  Will and Pierre were stroking both quads although , the order of the quads were craftily considered by David, to say the least . During the session the two quads battled to beat each other with a mixture of standing and rolling starts including lots of splashing and exhaustion .Emily and Erin were out in full force in their amazing pair !

To finish off a fantastic day of racing in the heat, David made an emotional speech at dinner remarking his rowing memories. After that we discovered the best male and female athlete of the week showing major improvements and overall dedication who were… ABI NWANG and ED TAME, so congratulations to both of them who will have their name embroidered into the gilet and will be passed down next year to the next best male and female athlete. Not to mention, Tom once again received spanner of the day for forgetting to get on the mini bus to go to lake – instead was sitting in his room.

Abi Ngwang & Lucy Holmes






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