Banyoles Camp 2017 Day Four

Banyoles Camp 2017 Day Four Sunday 9th April 2017 

The girls were on the water first this morning. Fortunately, we were able to use the whole lake for our first session of the day. This was our main work session of the day where we completed a 12km steady state piece in two quads, changing the rate each 4km. As the competitive athletes we are, each boat was pushing one another to the limit, especially with both boats being relatively balanced in regards to speed. David had decided to mix up the combinations in the quads too which provided an extra challenge for all of us as we were rowing in unfamiliar positions; shoutouts to Mille and Eda in particular who were both handed the arduous task of steering and didn’t crash.

After we had refuelled at lunch and squeezed in some much needed revision, we headed out for our second session. This time it was my chance to steer a quad – I was joined by three athletes from the development squad and coached them from the bow seat in a coxless quad, where they made commendable improvements throughout the session. Steering wasn’t too disastrous, apart from failing to spot a gargantuan red buoy when I was attempting to land onto the pontoon – think I need to wear my glasses more! The rest of the girls were in singles, a pair and a quad, these were much more challenging conditions this afternoon due to the wind picking up.

Abi won athlete of the day last night after making huge improvements in the double. In contrary, Tom won the spanner of the day for leaving his water bottle and shoes at the house which were needed for his session.

Emily Brown


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