Banyoles Camp 2017 Day Five

Banyoles Camp 2017 Day Five Monday 10th April 2017
Getting out of bed at the crack of dawn is getting progressively harder each day, but the thought of Coach Callow giving us punishment exercise persuaded us to drag ourselves to breakfast at a chilly 7:00am.

However, 6 weetabix and a few bananas later, our morning session seemed much more promising. Consisting of 3 x1km sprints and the respective recovery kilometres after a 4km warm up, the session flew by in a mixture of sweat, suncream and more sweat, and a suitably big lunch seemed appropriate when offered to the dead-legged J16’s.

After refuelling and resting in between sessions, the second session loomed ominously over us in the blistering 35+ degree weather, and was cut short due to the punishing conditions. That being said, the skies soon opened after the second session and the thunder rolled over the Spanish hills, dousing the dry slopes in a thick layer of rainwater, and making the barbecue that was for dinner seem slightly inappropriate. All in all, a good day of training, and all of us look forward to seeing what the rest of the week brings, and following on from Markus’ double feat of both Spanner and athlete of the day (for knocking over a large pile of expensive looking riggers), we look forward to discovering today’s silly mistakes that have occurred.

Harry Ashby & Olliver Sadd

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