Banyolas Camp Day Seven

Banyolas Camp Day Seven 12th April 2017

The final day (ever)

Waking up and admitting we had much packing to do, and little rowing left, the realisation set in that our last Banyoles was nearly at an end.

Having been briefed about the afternoon’s ‘Star Club Regatta: Spain edition’, the girls squad headed down to the lake for a technical row in preparation. After the usual car sing-along, Erin finally found her place as co-captain on the launch aside Coach David (her dad). With the rest of the girls in a mix of boats, everyone made the most of the final relaxed session of the year.

Returning for lunch, packing attempted, the whole squad began preparations for the regatta, consisting of 4 divisions- each athlete competitions two runs of the 2k course. It’s safe to say not everyone was jumping for joy at this prospect but everyone gave their all- including Coach Ellie who joined in the fun.

Whilst all the races were going on, Coach Simon began the process or de-rigging and loading all the boats ready to drive home, along side Coach Carl. We all waved goodbye to the boats we would see back in Bedford, and to the lake some of us would be (sadly) unlikely to see again. Little did we know we were returning to a lake-side restaurant for dinner which was a lovely end to the week and our Banyoles experience.

Tomorrow we travel home with a nice early start, but we’re sure most people will be happy to sleep in their own beds once again.

We would like to thank all the coaches for their hard work and commitment to helping all the athletes gain as much as possible from the week, for feeding us and dealing with the troubles of Joe losing his toothpaste.

We will miss these weeks very much but give our best to those who will take our place in the years to come.

Emily Eagles and Erin Osgood.

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