Ball Cup 2017 Win for Star Club

Juniors At Ball Cup 2017 

Sunday 7th May, my day started early. Sharron, Toby and I were heading to Dorny with the boats, at an early 6am. Toby and I had a power nap on the way there and woke up to the view of Dorny Lake. Our day of racing soon began. My first race was at 9am, the first of the day and fast approaching. So, the boats had to be rigged quickly. After a slight panic with Smithy, my boat and one of the bolts, Sharon soon got her tool box out and sorted the problem, just in time for me and Carl to start carrying my boat down to the landing bay.

Just before we reached the landing bay, one of the stewards stopped us and checked the boat over, she was obviously not a morning person as she gave Carl a bit of grief, but he took it on the chin like a real hero. I climbed into my boat and Carl attached my number to the boat, we then went over the race plan and I was on my way to the start line.

Eyeing up my opposition on the way up to the start line I started to get nervous, the stewards then sent us to the starting blocks, I was in lane one so I didn’t have far to go; ounce they announced the clubs I then came to front stops, and soon after we were off.

I managed to come second in my race but missing out on the final by a second. I then had my double to think about, with Oscar Bennewith, our first race was at 12:45. Toby had his single race shortly after mine and didn’t get the best of starts, but started to pull it back at the end, but again it wasn’t enough for him to get into the finals.

12:45 soon approached, Oscar and I were apprehensive, but we held it together; we boated quickly, and Carl and Sharon wished us the best of luck, heading up to the start we practiced some sprints and a start, they went reasonable well and before we knew it, it was our turn to head to the starting block, we were in lane six which was the last lane and we were both extremely nervous, especially after looking at our competitors, who were all three times the size of Oscar and I. We had the race plan in our heads and we knew what we had to do to win.

We had a tail wind which helped, as we were a light weight crew, the start of the race was counted down from 2 minutes, ounce they announced the clubs, again we came to front stops, the light went green, and we had the most amazing start ever, we were ahead of everyone, It was funny hearing one of the spectators say “their only like 5ft” and were beating all the bigger crews, ounce we reached the last 250m we slowed down as we were quite far in front, and to our excitement we comfortably won our heat.

We were through to the final beating all the other crews by 4 seconds, which Oscar and I were chuffed about, we were in a good position for the final. Which came around quicker than expected, and it was time for us to boat again, we headed up to the start and this time we were in lane 3. Feeling confidant after our first race, we came to front stops ready for the start, the light went green and we were off. After a terrible start, there were three boats in front of us, we quickly pulled ourselves together and caught two of the three crews in front of us; we carried on pushing slowly gaining on the other crew but they stayed half a length in front of us, we hit the red boys which meant we only had 250m left, I then proceeded to shout at Oscar rate up and for the last 250m we were doing rate 40, and that’s when the boat started move, we were side by side as we went over the finish line, and I thought we had just missed out.
We had to wait until 4 o’clock for our results, the anticipation was building but 4 o’clock came around quickly and we had won, setting a new j16 x2 record at the world wide known Dorny lake, where the Olympics rowing was held in 2012. Our race time was 02:43.09 which was impressive for a light weight crew, and after Bedford regatta the day before and the two races previous to the final, Oscar and I were proud. To show you how close the race was the other crew got 02:43.30, so we managed to pip them on the line.
Ollie Sadd

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