Membership Categories

Star Club operates different membership categories depending on a member’s needs. All memberships are approved by the management board and all members agree to abide by the rules laid out in the club’s constitution.

As a member of the club, you will be expected to assist in the running of the club and its events by volunteering time. As a rule of thumb, all members should volunteer for at least three events a year. If you have any questions about volunteering please ask the member sponsoring your application.

Honorific memberships


Vice-presidents are members nominated by the management committee for outstanding service to the club and they hold their title for life.

Honorary Life Member

Honorary life members are nominated by the management committee for outstanding service to the club or rowing. They need not be members when nominated.

Rowing memberships

Senior Membership – £375 per year

Senior membership is the full membership for all club members 18 years of age or older who are not either full-time students or eligible for the club’s scholarship scheme. Senior members are allocated to a squad and may use club resources as made available by the management board or its sub-committee(s).

Senior membership scholarship – £200 per year

For high-performance men and women aged 18 to 26* who commit to train as part of an active, competitive squad (* 27th birthday is not before 31st July 2020).

Senior membership Student – £100 per year

Student membership is available to full-time students at higher education institutions away from Bedford. Return to Star Club at any time during the year. Stay in touch and be part of the action. . You will need to show proof of acceptance onto your course of study to be eligible for this fee category.

Junior Membership – £375 per year

Junior membership is full membership for all club members below the age of 18 years. Junior members are automatically members of the junior squad and are administered, trained and led by dedicated leaders.

Recreational Membership – £290 per year

As the name suggests, recreational membership is non-competitive but recreational rowing members have full access to the club and its facilities including the gym and the ergo room.

Try Star – £30 for one month

Designed for those who want to try out rowing, are visiting from another club or are joining at the end of a season. Try Star membership affords full membership rights (except the right to compete as a Star member or vote in club maters)  for one calendar month, but cannot be renewed.

Cox Membership – £20 per year

Coxes that don’t also row can join the club and enjoy full membership and facility use for a very heavily discounted fee.

Coach Membership – £20 per year

Rowing coaches with BR rowing qualifications can join the club for free.

Non-rowing memberships

Social Membership = £60 per year

Social membership allows admission to the Clubhouse bar, but not any training facilities.

Friends of Star – Free

You want the best for our Club and we’d like to stay in touch with you, so that you can continue to enjoy the latest news and events from one of Bedford’s best! Non-fee paying, but lots of fun to be had!