Star Club is open to all, but it is a members club so to use our facilities, you’ll need to be a member. All membership applications should be supported by an active member of the club and will need to be approved by the management board.

You can apply for membership on the British Rowing website. Please be aware that space and resources limit how many active members we can accommodate at any one time. You may be asked to join a waiting list.


As a competitive sports club, we are allowed to prioritise applications from skilful and accomplished athletes, but we will never discriminate on any other basis.

Beginners are welcome and usually come to us through Learn to Row courses which we run when we have the capacity to accept new beginners. Completing a course does not guarantee membership, however, so it’s worth asking about capacity before you start your course!

Back to Rowing

If you’ve taken a break from rowing and you’re ready to get back in a boat, we may have space for you in one of our competitive squads. We take our sport seriously and most competitive rowers train five days a week. Many athletes train more than that.

If you’re coming back to rowing, let us know what level you reached before and we’ll try and arrange a trial with a suitable squad.

Experienced Rowers

If you’re an active rower and you’re moving to the area, we’d be pleased to meet you and discuss how you might fit into our squad plans. We have a close relationship with Bedford Rowing Club too and if we can’t fit you in, we’d be happy to make an introduction.